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UNI Magic Brown Umbrella

SKU: DO-744146312-BR
Sale price€49.00


Umbrella in brown color from Doppler. The UNI Brown Magic Fiber Umbrella is particularly light, and is fully automatic (opening/closing). The Doppler umbrella has internal steel spokes, an automatic opening and closing mechanism with a button and a very convenient handle. The umbrella is made of the well-known, high-quality ALU-Fiberglas that makes it completely waterproof without rusting, ensuring its durability for many years and making it very light to use.

Pair the UNI Purple Magic Fiber Umbrella with your favorite outfit and boots for a stylish look even on rainy days.

- 100% Polyester
- 100% Windproof (Doppler patent)
- Stainless steel
- Internal steel spokes
- Automatic Opening - Closing Mechanism
- Brown protective case
- Made of Steel ALU Fiberglas Components

- Length: 27cm
- Diameter: 97cm
- Handle length: 6cm
- Weight: 302g

Καφέ Ομπρέλα - Doppler | Γυναικείες Ομπρέλες
UNI Magic Brown Umbrella Sale price€49.00


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