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CAPRI White Turquoise Bikini

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Colorful bikini from Gottex. The CAPRI bikini has a triangle bra and ties around the neck with laces and at the back with a clip fastening. The lower part fits with white laces that tie on the sides and its interior is lined with beige fabric. 


Combine the CAPRI bikini with a pareo in brown and light blue colors, comfortable sandals in neighboring colors and a white large beach hat for a perfect summer look.


- Floral designs and turquoise details on a white background 

- House Color: 100 – White 

- Style: Top: 6C3-B55 

- Bottom: 6C3-P01 

- Hand wash

- 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastomer

- Width: 14.5cm, Height: 20cm

- Cord length (one side): 23cm
Front Width: 24.5cm, Height: 19.5cm (from center)
Back Width: 25.5cm, Height: 20cm (from center)

- Width: 17.5cm, Height: 23cm
- Side fabric length (one side): 20cm
Front Width: 27.5cm, Height: 22cm (from center)
Back Width: 32cm, Height: 24cm (from center)

Λευκό Τιρκουάζ Μπικίνι - Gottex | Γυναικεία Μαγιό
CAPRI White Turquoise Bikini Sale price€55.00 Regular price€165.00


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