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MONCYE - Knitwear

Modify Moncye knits with the help of a steam iron.

Thanks to the fiber composition of Moncye knitwear, you can easily lengthen or widen them for a more comfortable fit.

Start by lightly dampening a clean cloth.

In the case of pants, which you want to lengthen, place it over one leg of the pants (right or left). Set your iron to a medium temperature, on the steam mode.

Press the iron onto the damp cloth, moving it down along the leg. The combination of steam and heat will help loosen the fibers and make them more flexible.

As you iron, press the iron towards the bottom of the garment, gently pulling the fabric down to stretch it and increase the length.

Repeat this process until you reach the desired length. Once you reach the desired length, repeat on the other leg.

Allow the pants to cool and dry completely before wearing.

In the same way you can widen the pants or tops of the Moncye knitwear, this time pressing not lengthwise but widthwise.

With this simple ironing technique, you can give your knits the perfect length/width for a stylish and comfortable look.