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LANIE Gray Over The Knee Boots

SKU: BL-102046-A-07-36
Sale price€119.00


- Round nose
- Synthetic suede type leather in dark gray color
- Length up to above the knee
- Back slit and side zipper for a more comfortable fit

- Synthetic skin
- Heel height: 2.3cm
- Rubber outsole
- Color: Dark Grey

LANIE Sizing Guide: 
- SIZE 36: 23cm

- Calf diameter: 15cm

- SIZE 37: 24cm
- Calf diameter:: 16cm

- SIZE 38: 25
- Calf diameter: 17cm

- SIZE 39: 25.5
- Calf diameter: 18cm

- SIZE 40: 26cm
- Calf diameter: 19cm

- SIZE 41: 26.5
- Calf diameter: 20cm


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