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Tyche Beige Suede Leather Sandals

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Choose a pair of Graecus sandals, wear a piece of history and be inspired!

Impressive leather sandals from Graecus. Inspired by the goddess Tyche, the TYCHE sandals are crafted from mustard beige suede leather and are handcrafted.

  • Genuine Leather, Handmade
  • Made in Greece
  • Color: Suede Mustard
  • Heel height: 0.6cm
  • Card with the story of the mythical/historical character from which the sandal design is inspired.
  • Ships within 7 days


    size 35: 22.8cm
    size 36: 23.7cm
    size 37: 24.4cm
    size 38: 25cm

    size 39: 25.6cm
    size 40: 26.6cm
    size 41: 27cm
    size 42: 27.6cm

    GRAECUS – the brand

    Graecus equals Greece.

    Aiming to highlight Greek origins, history, mythology, art and Greek culture, Graecus is reviving the Greek spirit. Through the creation of leather sandals, unique in quality and design, Graecus brings Greek history and mythology to life, highlighting one by one all its known and unknown protagonists.

    Each pair of sandals is inspired by the personality and abilities of the character it represents and aims to inspire its "future" owner, exuding the energy and spirit of Ancient Greece.

    Choose a pair of Graecus sandals, wear a piece of history and be inspired!


    Tychi, in ancient Greek mythology, was the goddess of fortune, the fate that governed prosperity and destiny. The ancient Greeks believed that the goddess Fortune was the cause of both positive and negative unexpected events in their lives.

    In classical Greek mythology, the goddess Tyche was the daughter of Aphrodite and Zeus. When he grew up, Zeus gave Fortune her magic sandals and asked her to show man two paths of destiny - one that leads to freedom and one that leads to slavery. The road to freedom began with difficulties, it was rough full of obstacles and difficult to cross, but those who managed to overcome the obstacles were led to an easy and pleasant road to success. Instead, the road to slavery began pleasantly enough, but soon turned into a road full of impenetrable obstacles. Each person was free to choose the path he would follow.

    The ancient Greeks referred to Tychi by her Greek name, Eutychia, and usually depicted her with wings and a crown. In Greek mythology, the goddess Tyche became a symbol of prosperity, wealth, ease, opportunity and success.


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