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Comfort Yellow Flip Flops

SKU: 7722-001100-YEL_35-36
Sale price€39.00


Innovative flip flops from Jelly. Comfort flip flops are made of eco-friendly biodegradable EVA elastomer . They have special resources to repel water and moisture. They are 3cm thick and are extremely comfortable, soft and flexible. Comfort flip flops are perfect for the beach, the gym, the pool and even for indoors. Consult the Size Chart below and the product photos for the correct size selection.

Available colors: Yellow, Pink, Purple and Orange

  • Biodegradable EVA Elastomer
  • Anti-Slip
  • Thickness: 3cm
  • Special Water and Moisture Disposal Resources


Size Leg Length
35-36 21.5 - 22cm
37-38 22.5 - 23cm
39-40 23.5 - 24cm


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