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Nike Pink Suede Leather Sandals

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Choose a pair of Graecus sandals, wear a piece of history and be inspired!

Impressive leather sandals from Graecus. Inspired by the goddess Niki, the sandals feature gorgeous pink suede leather and are handcrafted. Nike sandals are engraved on their soles with the three main principles , powers and abilities of the mythical character of the goddess Nike.

Abilities: Speed, Strength, Victory

  • Genuine Leather, Handmade
  • Made in Greece
  • Color: Suede Pink
  • Heel height: 0.6cm
  • Card with the story of the mythical/historical character from which the sandal design is inspired.


    size 35: 22.8cm
    size 36: 23.7cm
    size 37: 24.4cm
    size 38: 25cm

    size 39: 25.6cm
    size 40: 26.6cm
    size 41: 27cm
    size 42: 27.6cm

    GRAECUS – the brand

    Graecus equals Greece.

    Aiming to highlight Greek origins, history, mythology, art and Greek culture, Graecus is reviving the Greek spirit. Through the creation of leather sandals, unique in quality and design, Graecus brings Greek history and mythology to life, highlighting one by one all its known and unknown protagonists.

    Each pair of sandals is inspired by the personality and abilities of the character it represents. "Engraved" with the thunderbolt of Jupiter - the symbol of intuition and spiritual illumination - each pair is also "engraved" with the three main principles , powers and abilities of each mythical or historical character and is intended to inspire its "future" owner, exuding the energy and spirit of Ancient Greece.

    Choose a pair of Graecus sandals, wear a piece of history and be inspired!


    Nike is the goddess of strength, speed and triumph in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of the Titan Pallas and the goddess Styx. Nike fought alongside Zeus in his famous battle against the Titans and helped him win victory against his fearsome rivals. As a result of this epic battle, Zeus took control of Olympus and became the supreme Olympian.

    After receiving a golden chariot as a gift from Zeus, Nike assumed the role of divine charioteer, a role in which she is often depicted in classical Greek art. He went around battlefields rewarding the victors with glory and fame, symbolized by a wreath made of laurel leaves.

    In most statues and paintings, Nike is depicted with wings, one of the most famous being "winged Nike of Samothrace".

    The goddess Nike often appears alongside Athena, goddess of wisdom and war. He is also thought to have stood on the outstretched hand of Athena in the statue found in the Parthenon.

    The Ancient Greeks believed that Nike could enhance their human powers. For this reason, the devotion of the ancient Greeks to the goddess Nike is clearly seen through the dominance of her figure on various Greek coins.

    Abilities : Speed, Strength, Victory


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